About Me

imageMy name is Sarah Collins and I am from Fort Collins, Colorado. In September 2015 I left for Phuket, Thailand to complete my TEFL certification and teach a semester of kindergarten.  After that, I went on a ridiculously fast-paced five week journey through Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

This blog was a connection for my family and friends to read in-detail accounts of my shenanigans over the eight months I was away. Everything expressed in this blog is drawn from my own experiences and observations. Read it if you want to, leave it if you don’t.  You’re welcome.


If you have any questions, I am happy to answer them! Feel free to send me an email: sarahcollins023@gmail.com.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Tammy Kauffman says:

    Have an absolutely WONDERFUL time! Stop, look, smell, take it all in and those memories will stay with you for a lifetime!!! This is YOUR Time to shine!!!


  2. I am so thrilled you made there without any trouble. I love this setup you have going on by blogging. I am in awe with your courage and passion for travel. Enjoy that apartment! Mama has calmed down substantially. I love your humor and you are a fine writer. So excited to follow your journey. You are a brave young woman! I love you!


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